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Namrata Kaur Education Resource ( is a renowned writing company which specialises in writing essays and dissertations for students. Our team of writers comprises of 25 writers each of whom specialises in different areas and subjects. Our writers are quite experienced and excel in the field of writing. You can confirm this fact prior to the placement of any order with the company. Merely a sample of one or two pages would be enough to assure you the fact that you need not look any further as your hunt for an experienced and specialised writer ends here. 

Our experienced, qualified and dedicated team members are capable of writing papers on almost any subject whether Science, Commerce or Art, etc. Their efficiencies enable the company to deliver their projects on time.


Q. How can I use your work?

A. We write the material as per the specifications of each of our customer. It can be easily utilized for some valid research purposes. Customers usually find it quite challenging to handle and look for help. This is the point where we can help you. 

Q. What specifications do a writing company expects from its customers?

A. All the customers are basically expected to give details about the precise heading to be answered, the word count, the standard and the reference style needed. Apart from this they may also specify the exact structure required and explicit sources that they would prefer to utilize during their research.

Q. What makes your company stand apart from other writing companies? 

A. Our company Namrata Kaur Education Resource ( is a completely reliable company. We are a renowned company and owe our reputation to our hard work, sincerity and honesty. You can call us for placing your order or making inquires prior to placing any order. You will find our prices quite affordable yet the work would be completely original. We are ready to compromise on prices but never compromise on the quality of our work. Every single project handled is custom-written and totally free from plagiarism. Our papers have always cleared every type of plagiarism detection software employed by colleges and universities for checking the originality of the work performed by their students.

Q. Apart from delivering the soft copy of the project, do you furnish them with a draft copy as well, if desired?

A. The work is e-mailed to the customers at their e-mail in the word document. Regular e-mails are sent to the customers so that they can review the progress of their project and also consult their mentors, if desired. This also enables the customers to point towards any modifications needed and helps the company to obtain regular feedback from the customers. 

Q. You have mentioned about $300 Plagiarism Guarantee Work. What actually does it means?

A. This is an undertaking of the company to award $300 to a customer who finds any plagiarism issued in his work. This has been introduced to provide assurance to all the clients that their project is in safe hands and at the end of the project you can be assured of receiving an original piece of work. Our scanners and our Internal Q. C. procedures are efficient enough to trace the signs of any plagiarism in the our written work. Every project has to pass through our scanners and Internal Q. C. procedures and thereafter they are handed over to the customers. However, if a customer identifies any plagiarism which our system has failed to identify, the company will refund your money or rewrite the paper for free along with a reward of $300. 

Q. What if I do not have any plagiarism issue, yet I am dissatisfied with work standards? 

A. After we deliver you the final project, you still have the right and time to complaint. If you are not satisfied with a particular section of your project, you can mail our Amendments Team and mention your missing requirements. In case of Essay, 15 days and in case of Dissertation, 30 days complaint period has been fixed. The company is ready to make changes in the project after obtaining a substantial reason for proposed changes. These changes are in most cases performed Free of Cost.


We regard our customers as our biggest assets. The feedback we receive from our customers is our biggest source of motivation and improvement. The feedback from our customers guides our future course of action. For us, each and every feedback is important because it serves as a base for our planning and improvement. Their views guide us to rectify our mistakes and their praises serve as confirmations that we are moving on a right track. We request our customers to provide genuine feedback. Their opinions are invaluable for us. 

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Impressive…I could submit my project on time all because of you. Although final result is yet to be announced but my mentor seemed impressed after reviewing the initial few sections of my project….thanks…I will inform about my grades later. But now I feel assured that you were a right choice.

Thank you so much…. 


I appreciate your work. My work was done as per my expectations. No doubt, the writer has done a lot of research himself for completing the paper. A long reference list at the end of my paper was sufficient to confirm that fact. Also, the methodology section has been well framed and discussion section has been cleverly analysed. My grades were good and as promised by you. I am happy you kept your promise. Great!

Thanks again.

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